Competition Team

Fall in love with dance alongside a team of passionate young dancers ages 4 and up. Our instructors always lead with empathy and care while pushing dancers to reach new limits creatively and technically.

By joining Team Eclipse, you become a member of our dance family! We pride ourselves on having a tight-knit team with no favoritism.

Every year we hold multiple team parties/events, a fall photoshoot, & a ton of fundraisers!

Summer Intensive 2022 Details!

Our summer intensive is for dancers who are interested in auditioning for Team Eclipse! The intensive is Monday-Thursday about 4 – 8 pm (this varies on level/age) July 25th through August 4th! Auditions following the intensive will be August 18th & 19th. Check out our general intensive breakdown below & register today to join Team Eclipse! If your dancer is 4-7, check out our Rising Stars team intensive also described below!

Monday: 4-4:45 pm – JTL 1 (Jumps/Turns/Leaps) with Sam Penive

4:45-5:30 – JTL 2 (Jumps/Turns/Leaps) with Sam Penive

5:30-6:30 – Combo class with Lexi Brown

6:30-7 – Stretch & Flexibility with Lexi Brown

7:15-8 – Improvisation with Sam Penive

Tuesday: 4-5 pm – Ballet 1 with Abby Givens

5-6 – Guest artist (Beginner level)

6-7 – Guest artist (Intermediate/Advanced level)

7-8 – Ballet 2 with Abby Givens

8-8:45 – Strength & Conditioning with Abby Givens

Wednesday: 4-4:45 pm – JTL 2 with Lexi Brown

4:45-5:30 – JTL 1 with Lexi Brown

5:30-6:30 – Combo class with Sam Penive

6:30-7:15 – Tap Tech 1 with Declan O’Connell

7:15-8 – Tap Tech 2 with Declan O’Connell

Thursday: 4-5 – Ballet 1 with Tyler Korff

5-6 – Ballet 2 with Tyler Korff

6-6:45 – Strength & Conditioning with Lexi Brown

7-8 – Combo Class with Abby Givens

RISING STARS PROGRAM!(ages 4-7 Competitive team)

Monday: 5:30-6 pm – Jazz with Sam Penive

6-6:30 – Tap with Sam Penive

Thursday: 5-5:30 pm JTL Jr with Sam Penive

5:30-6 pm – Acro with Lexi Brown

6-6:30 – Ballet with Abby Givens

Rising Stars will not have an official audition after intensive, we are using their classwork as their audition!

Fall Curriculum:

4 hours of technique training including Ballet, Tap, Foundations, & Jumps/Turns/Leaps.

1 weekly Strength & Conditioning class.

4 scheduled extra Saturday rehearsals*

3 required full-team regional competitions | 1 partial/optional regional competition | 1 full-team nationals every year

Unlimited classes for $230/month

Feel free to reach out on the “CONTACT US” page for Team Eclipse inquiries!

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